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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 27, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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controversy erupting over anti-jihad billboard. we'll tell you what is going on with that. >> governor reagan, has begun his career campaigning around this nation against medicare. here you go again. >> bill: in next weeks debate, can romney do what ronald reagan did to jimmy carter? megyn kelly has some thoughts. >> bill: caution the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. the likeability factor. that the subject of talking points memo. there two are kinds of voters in
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america those that know the issues and those that don't. emotion drives a decision and part of that equation is likeability. many people think reagan defeated carter because he came across likable while carter was distant and same thing with bill clinton and younger clinton showed more personality. bush the younger remained personally popular until the recession kicked in. right now in a popularity poll, president obama is ahead of mitt romney by throw three-points according to a new survey. after next week's debate it could change dramatically. there is no question about obama and romney realize they must come across as nice guys that is why they go on entertainment programs. >> we're is very happy you came on this a mrs. obama and brought your date? >> i brought him. he had a few minutes in his schedule. >> i told folks i'm supposed to
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be eye candy. >> what is your guilty pleasure. >> a donut for me. >> peanut butter sandwiches. >> what does he wear for bed? >> bill: some candidates believe that they shouldn't be dealing with trivia when the economy is awful and there is turmoil in the middle east but they do what they have to do. talking points understand that americans want their leaders to be accessible. they wanted to know that powerful people understand that. that is why the president's campaign has spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to demonize governor romney as a callous rich guy. no one knows how many american voters are basically uninformed folks that vote on whims but it's substantial when social media is diverting attention from important issues. if you look at newspaper circulation and tv ratings you
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may come to the conclusion that half the country is uninformed. they aren't paying any attention when there is only three networks and no internet. remember those days? how big is likeability in this presidential election? with us now, dr. zano and providence, rhode island, dr. wendy schiller. we'll begin with you. what about the personal stuff? >> i think you could make a deciding difference. people like obama right now, the back story, he ran against hillary clinton that made a lot of people happy. he defeated hillary clinton. first african-american president of the united states, these are good story lines. then he gets into the office the economy is bad bu he look like a
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family guy and good father and husband. he hasn't diverted or given them any reason not to stick with those images of obama in the last four years. >> bill: you are talking primarily about non-ideological voters. >> yes, absolutely. >> bill: so they think that the president even though they may be disappointed in his performance he is basically a nice guy. do you agree with that? >> i think what has happened is the romney campaign has not given the voters a chance to look at the basic issues he needs to talk about. the more they focus on likeability the better for obama. >> bill: it's close, only three points? >> because romney is good guy, he is basically likable but it has to do with a lot of factors. what people want to focus on and really wanted to see the economy. you are talking about people in the middle. they are not ideological. >> bill: but it works against
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the president for the economy. you said something interesting. do you think that most uninformed voters, that is what we are talking about. people that are informed they will go on medicare and iran, but people that are floating around -- don't really know -- is it working to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to demonize as greedy guy that wants to throw people out of work for mitt romney. do you think anybody is buying that? >> it started so long ago. >> bill: who would be buying that? >> romney is given ammunition for that. >> bill: how? >> i think it's been working and will continue to work and it's unto romney in the debate to find a way out of that and give voters a different image. >> bill: how can you disprove the negative. you can't? >> here how you do it. you tie every proposal to help
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the individual person who is lower income who is struggle and working hard. you make sure it is directed to that audience you are thinking about them and care about him. he a likable guy. you have to tie it how the policies how the average american rather than to vague things. >> bill: the president obama comes across at times as kind of cold and distant. yeah, i mean have to be honest. times i've been around him. he is fine. i'm trying to make a comparison in my mind. i interviewed five presidents. i think that they all have a guard up and they should. a guy like me, i'm watching these guys and i'm measuring and if they do something ridiculous i'm going to report it. i know romney and obama. as far as personality is
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concerned, i think they are both -- they are very close. they are basically inherently shy. these are not guys with john belushi in animal house doing the dance on the floor. to ga dance. they are reserved men. i agree with the doctor. i'll give you last word that romney has to show more personality during the debates but be authoritative. >> he absolutely does. what happened at the convention, they tried to focus on likeability. minute bill clinton came out and said obama the gets a pass that really hurt mitt romney he has to say these are the four things i'm going to do. >> bill: he has to put the president on defensive without being a mean guy. as a mean guy myself, that is not easy. [ laughter ] >> bill: miss laura ingraham on
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>>. >> bill: today the rasmussen tracking poll shows the presidential race is tied again, 46% but a new poll has the president up by five points. joining us is laura ingraham. >> i'm so testy. >> bill: are you going to be testy? >> model myself on i'm the pro. i try to follow your lead. >> bill: am i big dog. >> you are very you will tall and very i am dated to go us.
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>> bill: sure. we went over this last night with an enormous audience, almost 5 million people watched the factor last night. we broke the polls down they are not fair. they are heavily weighted toward the president. whether that is intentional or not. how do you see that? >> here is what i say. there is some validity to the criticism of the polls. undoubtedly, i get that. however, i will say if the romney campaign internal numbers were markedly difference talk about pew, rasmussen and fox included, if they have a different read than the polls in the swing states, would you really hear a romney-ryan push back on the overall numbers in those battleground states. you don't hear that. i think they believe they are running behind. i don't think they are happy bit. but i think they believe they are running behind. that is why you are seeing around the edges some tweaks to
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the romney campaign, probably not enough because there a target rich environment with the obama record to move forward but nevertheless they are making changes in tone and strategy. >> bill: okay. brit hume said something interesting this week. he said he can't understand how president obama is polling so well. in the face of all the bad news that there is in america, how the president floats above it. that why i did the likeability segment before you. i believe that because of social media -- i could be wrong here -- because of the addiction that many americans have to the computer, to the gaming, to the escapism we're not a country that is on it anymore. >> these understanding of issues
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today is kind to some extent out the window. we ingest news and 30 seconds bites and coming to our ce and maybe on our computer screen. people want to know quickly. people make very quick reads on things. that is why, i got a lot of heat at the end of june when i said romney get off the jet ski and get into framing himself before he is negatively framed by the obama people. i knew invariably they were going to come out with types of late hits, whether it's a video or some other type of thing from his corporate past where they were going to try to frame him as a rich guy. bill, you are exactly right. personality for some people trumps results. >> bill: the good news for people who wanted to see an informed vote is that a lot of those people don't show up. >> no they don't show up and get
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free stuff and happy to get it. >> bill: there is a controversy in new york city. a pro-israeli group has taken out an ad in the subway that criticized the jihad. it's up and activist tried to deface it and here is what happened. roll the tape. >> bill: police had to be called. what do you think about? >> that it's typical, msnbc. its cheap shot. >> not really fan of the first amendment when is the first amendment doesn't work for the left. they are very selective.
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imagine a christian activist went up to the urine exhibit in new york made a comeback. >> bill: but this woman is and egyptian columnist who is defacing it. woman standing in between, pamela geller is the one that put it up. it was a personal fight. >> i understand. >> bill: she is -- she committed a crime. you are not supposed to be allowed to do that. >> if there was some hiv poster up and some person with anti-gay and did something to deface that poster, you would have wall to wall coverage on some of our anemic competitors. it's political expression.
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for them the rules don't apply. this is the same deal we see on college campuses and they want to extend that into larger society. >> bill: we appreciate it. i will be joining laura a week from saturday to debated john stewart on the vital issues on confronting. the rumble at george washington university completely sold out but you can see it on the net. if you can to the rumble it will help some very fine charities. check it out. rim bl body language, campaign edition will run down some non-verbal science. and megyn kelly whether can channel ronald reagan in next week's first presidential debate. forz(power!) andiamo! andiamo! (let's go! let's go!) avanti! avanti! (keep going! keep going!) hahaha...hahahaha!
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>>. >> bill: we are concentrating on the presidential campaign. last sunday the president and mitt romney appeared on 60 minutes. >> not everything you do right off the bat when you have emergencies here and there and everywhere, not everything is going to work the first time. >> there is no question that washington is broken. i happen to think that flows from the president. i think ultimately the buck stops at the president's desk. he would probably say the same thing. >> he would blame on republican congress? >> his challenge to blaming on the republican congress, first two years, the majority of his term he had a democratic congress. >> bill: you basically getting shoulders and heads. >> with obama did you see some lap. but i notice about president obama he you saw more gestures with him. he was gesticulated go a lot. he made no eye contact.
5:22 pm
he was prepared to answer the questions. he looked down and thinks about it and puts his head back up. >> bill: he looked more jumpy than romney? >> but in addition to that how he brings things on to himself. this he is defending the responsibility which is change for him. normally he takes responsibility but this time he was giving it away. >> bill: when i watched them i knew i wasn't going to learn anything. in the forum the questions are predictable and they know what they are going to say. i did watch the authority level and i thought mitt romney was more relaxed and in control of the interview process? >> i agree. the last thing i wanted to hit on with obama, one of the things he answered the final question which a fifth closed. mitt romney seemed stiff but he
5:23 pm
a little more than a makes. there was some picture iss at the end but a satisfied grin. by the end of the clip i thought he was satisfied with the clip. >> and interviewing bill clinton about the 47% remark that mitt romney made. go. >> do you think that was smart politics? >> no. but it is interesting. you know i know a lot of higher income people who have helped me do my work. they are supporting governor romney. a lot of people say things like that. >> bill: what do you pick up there? >> when he says no. it shows contempt. immediately you know this will be interesting. you can hear the change in his voice and it changes when he talking. he is try to placate the heavy
5:24 pm
hitters and not so heavy hitters. in addition to that he sticks out his tongue that complements the disgust i talked about earlier. at the end you do that and angry. >> bill: why would he be angry? >> he is not sure what is happening. he doesn't know where the polls are. when we are talking about him.... >> bill: sticking out the tongue means what? >> typically it means disgust. >> bill: we used to do that in my neighborhood in long island. got one more chris wallace and robert gibbs. a little jazz that the president went on the view but wouldn't talk to netanyahu. >> you say that he has got schedules, foreign leaders have schedules but the president has blocked out time to appear on the view on tuesday. so he has time for whoopi goldberg but he doesn't have
5:25 pm
time for world leaders? >> no. look the the is going to be actively involved at u.n. general assembly. >> bill: gibbs, what can you say? >> this is different. he has a neutral expression that is downward just slightly. he might look angry but he is not angry but it gets tighter and mouth goes down further. >> bill: when you see angry, isn't it annoyance rather than anger? >> yes. >> bill: you can be annoyed at the tone of the question, but if you are angry you are angry? >> okay, don't scare me. >> bill: i want to give everybody an example. >> we'll use annoy answer. at the end of this, he, annoy yanks. but he tiltsd over in this
5:26 pm
vulnerable position. smiles and annoyance and then at the end of this he gains hits composure. >> bill: there you go. plenty more ahead as factor moves ahead. the great american news quiz terrible decisions made by presidents. and miss megyn kelly on the first debate, what does mitt romney have to do to defeat president obama. stay tuned for those reports. bob...
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>>. >> bill: controversial situation in new york city. more than 50 public schools can give the morning after birth control pill with students as young as 14 years old without apparently consented. parents don't have to be, parental consent. it leads to troubling question about statutory rape. culture rare years, gretchen and janine is here. you are a judge and you know the state of new york very well. my beef with this, it's about the encroachment on parental rights. clearly everybody can see that. if the public school system can give young girls birth control, can actually take them on some occasions to abortion clinics
5:31 pm
and the parents have no idea what is going on, it seems to me a fundamentally unconstitutional? >> it's not fundamentally unconstitutional because every stated if it doesn't want parents to be notified of their child having an abortion is required to pass a law. does that mean as a parent do i like it? do i like plan "b" or parents not being notified, no, but what i like less is the united states has the highest incidence of teen pregnancy in the industrialized world. they drop babies into toilets and not prepared to raise. >> bill: you see the lesser of two evils. i disagree with you. >> i totally agree with you that parents should have the ability to make all decisions, especially this one with their children. here is the headline for me. do you want to know that an in all of new york city only one to two percent of all parents decide to opt out of this
5:32 pm
program. first of all you should be opting in. that is not wait it works. only 1-2% opted out, which means 99% parents --. >> bill: i don't think they know about it. the other thing. >> that is criminal. >> bill: parents got to be active but the other thing is. as a judge the state is saying, that is what new york is saying, we don't care about statutory rape. if a 12-year-old is pregnant that is a crime but we're not going to tell the parents that the crime was committed against their own daughter. >> the real issue. >> bill: that is the real issue. >> that is real issue but under new york law, if you wanted to talk about the law, the issue as to whether there is statutory rape is how old the guy is. with the girl is less than 17 and he is 21, he can be
5:33 pm
prosecuted. >> bill: it isn't it a crime in new york state to sexually abuse a minor. >> that is crime anywhere. >> so if you have a pregnant, 12-year-old or 14-year-old, it's incumbent on authorities to investigate and find out what the circumstances were? >> absolutely. that is what i did as a d.a., i agree with the concept. the question is under the law, she says i love him and i consented and he is 13 and he is 15 or 16 or 17.... >> bill: investigation is completed. now there is no investigation. >> there is no time for investigation. there is no time for investigation with this plan "b". you have to give this pill within 24-72 hours. >> that is reason not have to this dissemination of birth control. if a parent wants to sign a paper you can give my kid birth
5:34 pm
control and take her to abortion clinic kourtd without telling me that is parents' decision but to protect children from statutory rape and violating the parents right to know about a surgical procedure on a 12-year-old. >> i'm going to send a note to go home with parent for a play date but if i had my kid in new york city my child could get an abortion and i wouldn't know. >> has anybody seen this letter that went out to all parents in which 1% respond snd i'm not sure that we have seen the letter and that the letter is accurate. >> bill: i've lived in this state almost my entire life. i don't think most parents know what the hell is going on. that, we're teeing doing the story. when we come back, miss malini wilkes what mitt romney has to do get some mojo in next week's debate. kelly is next.
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>>. >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly in kelly file. there were two primary debates. we want to hear her thoughts and here she is. you know i'm cynical about these debates. you ask the question and they can answer it or they can't
5:39 pm
interrupt or saying what you are doing. >> not like your show. >> bill: that is why i'm not a moderator in a debate. if i ask a question and questions are good. but the candidate chose to go off into this tangent that he had rehearsed, i would be so outraged ian don't want that. >> which is what they do. it's a question about immigration, what is my position on immigration. in a normal interview would you say hold on, i didn't ask you? >> you are dodging the question, senator or governor. let's go. answer what i asked. the questions again are usually phrased pretty well. >> i wanted to make this point. we have a shock at something more meaningful because the format they have chosen is the moderator asks the question and two minutes for the president and governor romney. remainder of 15 minutes segment will be to follow up, to have a
5:40 pm
discussion about the question. so there is a discussion that follows the initial answer and maybe these moderators get aggressive there. >> bill: i doubted it. not the ones they chose. they will be very differential because that is who they are. that is okay. now, based on what you have seen of mitt romney because he was involved about two of the debates. okay. strong debator, moderate, weak? >> i will say moderate to strong by the end of his debate. >> bill: he got better? >> he certainly wasn't the worst. newt gingrich had great moments. mitt romney was pretty solid throughout. >> bill: who was that -- >> your estimation that the governor can hold his own against the pretty good debater, president obama? >> he had a couple weak moments,
5:41 pm
$10,000 and i'm running for office. he said some things that people said, what? but in 25 debates, you are going say some things. this time he has three debates and stakes are much higher so i expect them to be a little more fine tuned. >> bill: when he got annoyed after he got his butt kicked, he was better. >> he hired a new debate coach. then, after that guy all this attention for being so good and making a difference in the romney camp, now he is off the campaign. this guy has helped everybody. i'm trying to remember his name. >> bill: i think we should call him to come in next week. >> he is a republican guru that helps a lot of candidates do well. >> bill: if you are advising the governor and this is hypothetical, you say how aggressive does he have to be?
5:42 pm
as we talked about at the beginning of the program, likeability is important. you can't be a mean guy like me. >> we've been talking this on my show a lot. it seems like pun ditsd are saying, it's not about being aggressive but being memorable. you have to have a memorable moment. >> bill: like reagan. >> i'm not going to exploit him for political purposes. >> bill: few lines written for him that he can drop in. >> bob: remember in the bush versus gore in townhall debate when gore got up in his grill. he started walking over in his personal face and bush looked at him, okay. and another where gore get sighing. they thought he is doing well. but then every time, george bush would make a point, you would
5:43 pm
hear this sigh and you it's a turnoff so you can make a mistake. >> bill: if i were president obama i would try to basically say the same thing i'm saying in my ads, he really never accomplished anything but throwing people out of work hoping that romney would overreact to that. i think president will lay traps kind of what i do for you, i bait miss megyn kelly. >> you can win in any snapping contest. earlier in the program. >> i don't get testy. >> do you live on this planet. it works with everybody. i had a demonstrate anger as
5:44 pm
opposed to annoyance. >> the salesman an expert. that is what i said in the green room. >> bill: we will go to the university of california, miss kelly got in trouble with that. we'll do that next time. >> a lot of that. >> they paid them, university of california paid the occupiers that got $1221,000. >> $30,000 each. >> that is lot of dough. >> thank you. great american quiz. bad presidential edition. and factor tip of the day, a newspaper you should never read, we'll be right back.
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5:48 pm
>>. >> bill: great american news quiz, the bad presidential decisions edition. we also tennessee davis, author of a new book that to suggest bad presidential decisions. and. >> fox news anchor martha mccallum representing. apologize for missing that cool is not allowed on this program. >> i have to remember the rules. >> bill: it's only a $50 fine. >> here is question number one. bay of pigs invasion often called president kennedy's greatest failure. j.f.k. took responsibility for the disastrous operation when it
5:49 pm
backfired. >> there are from this sobering episode useful lessons for all to learn. some may be still obscure and to wait further information, some are clear today. first, it is clear that the forces of communism are not to be underestimated in cuba or anywhere else in the world. >> bill: when he moved it forward and was responsible another president initiated it. who was that? "a" dwight eisenhower, richard nixon, herbert hoover. who was on the blueprint. that is right. eisenhower. that was an easy one. i read that extensively and killing kennedy comes out on tuesday. thank you very much with putting up with me. 1998 bill clinton found also in one of the biggest presidential scandals the country had ever seen. >> i want you to listen to me. i'm going say this again.
5:50 pm
i did not have sexual relations with that woman. i never told anybody to lie, not a single time, never. >> bill: because of the scandal, bill clinton became a second u.s. president to be impeached. who was the first? nixon, polk, martin van burren. >> that is correct. andrew johnson. he escaped by how many votes? >> one. >> a very good. >> bill: onee would have been toast. alien extradition acts is most controversial u.s. laws of their time. >> in 1798 french warships seized american vessels trading with england. frightened by the possibility of invasion they passed the alien
5:51 pm
and sedition act the power to deport any alien and made citizens who criticized the government liable to arrest. >> bill: that sounds like cuba or china. which president signed the alien acts into laws. madison, jackson, jefferson. adams. >> bill: very good, adams. he should have. that was a huge mistake on his part. he a good president but that besmirched his record. thank you very much. it's a little bit elevated from cool, cool to we smirched. word of the day -- besmirched. >> and controversy erupted when
5:52 pm
it was discovered that u.s. had traded weapons to iran in exchange for the release of hostages. this upset many as they saw iran as a national threat. >> few months ago i said i did not trade arms for hostages. my best intentions tell me that is true but the facts and evidence tell me it is not. this runs counter to my own beliefs, to administration policy and to the original strategy we had in mind. there are reasons why it happens, but no excuses. >> bill: in the iran contra affair arms were traded for american hostages in extremists by what country? cards up please, ladies and the answer is "a" lebanon. very good. was that guess? you knew that. you were locked in.
5:53 pm
oliver north. he has been on guest on your show? >> many times. >> bill: that is right. mccallum is on top and leading by one with one to go. last question. watergate scandal tarnished richard nixon's presidency. during his speech he claimed never to have been a what. lyre, quitter, a crook, a pushover? a what. cards up please and it's roll the tape time. >> i have never been a quitter, i leave office when my time is completed is -- but as president i must put the interests of america 1st. >> bill: mccallum gets all five.
5:54 pm
it has never happened before. 1812, when was that. and uma, thanks for filling in. very spirited and very good. five for five on the presidents. and hemmer didn't know any of them. hemmer didn't know any of them. factor tip of the day. newspaper not worth your attention. the tip 60 seconds away. in absolute perfect physical condition and i had a heart attack right out of the clear blue... i'm on an aspirin regimen... and i take bayer chewables. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. he's my success story. [ laughs ] he's my success story. ♪ ♪
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hi dad. many years from now, when the subaru is theirs... hey. you missed a spot. ...i'll look back on this day and laugh. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. we've begun shipping copies of "killing kennedy." advance sales are incredible. ordering in advance is a smart play. meantime "killing lincoln" will be number three on the "new york times" list on sunday after one year in release. an amazing situation. also the children's book, "lincoln's last days," remains number one on the juvenile list.
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i thank you for support the books. if you become a premium member you get any of those books for your choice. now the mail. ontario, canada, bill, up here all voters must show id before they cast the ballot. why are you trying to suppress votes up there, judy? diane, bill, i didn't know you were a simple man, but i didn't know you were clueless as well. the reason iowa is trending toward obama, he bailed out the auto industry. okay, thank you for the analysis behind the polling. the flaws are obvious. winston, austin, pennsylvania. mr. o, thanks for supporting a working man and woman. i take care of my family but do not earn a lot, however don't want a handout. california, i don't earn very much, and like miller i'm sick and tired of paying benefits for those who will not work. new york, bill that poster of you and miller is frightening. can't argue with your analysis there, tom.
5:57 pm
that's what happens when you go to vegas. show is at caesar's palace on december 7th. check it out on thailand,mr. o'reilly,idisagree w thailand,mr. o'reilly,idisagreew ithalmosteverythingyousay,buti like "the factor." it challenges me. you're for the right to say merry christmas. you're not against saying that, are you? guys wearing shoes is right on. i married a marine. no better shine than that. semper fi. 60% of americans don't trust the media, according to a recent poll. that's because it's slanted and not accurate. in a recent approximately, a
5:58 pm
left wing newspaper blames the media situation on cable news. now the looney editorial says if you're a democrat try tuning to fox news for a while. it doesn't matter. sure, we're all the same. the paper goes on to say that the combined viewership of all the cable news outlets is 5 million a night. unbelievable. last night the combined audience just for "the factor" was 5 million. these st. louis post-dispatch people are dumb and corrupt. the folks know. circulation for the paper down 35% since 2003. their parent file company has filed bankruptcy. here's the factor tip of the day. don't read the "st. louis poach dispatch." that's it for us don't. spout off about us, the factorror.
5:59 pm
wordoftheday,don'tberesttivewhen restive when writing to the factor. the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. >> sean: tonight welcome to obama's america. >> how did he give you a phone? >> you sign up. you're on social security, you're on low-income, disability. >> free obama phones, free obama money. sounds like change that everybody can believe in. >> he's president, you know. he gave us a phone. romney sucks. >> sean: that's not the only outrageous video we've uncovered tonight.


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